Though Audiocrash’s sound is composed of faint, yet memorable pop melodies that continue playing in your head long after the songs are over, the band’s aesthetics are grounded in the alternative and indie rock traditions and influenced by its founders, Craig Maseratti and Guy Strzepeck. Formed in December 2006, Audiocrash infuses the intense and urgent music of Craig’s songs together with Guy’s plaintive and passionate phrasing creating a unique and powerful sound and vocal style. Formerly of locally popular 1980’s/90’s Florida rock bands, “The Stand” and “The 11th hour”, Craig’s album credits for the Audiocrash debut album, Time Sensitive Material, include songwriter, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, producer and back up vocalist. In addition to being the bands lyricist, Guy provides lead and back up vocals and co-produced the album with Craig. Guy’s past stints include fronting “The Numbskull's” aka “The Swampcorpse”, which was one of Europe's pioneer Psychobilly / punk /rock bands of the late 1980's. After finishing his tour of duty in the US army, Guy returned to the US bringing his daunting and melodic voice to alternative bands, “Love smells like love” and “Julius U” into the early to mid 1990's. All music for Time Sensitive Material was engineered and recorded at Craig’s studio, mixed and mastered by Keith Rose at Liquid Ghost Studios in Boca Raton Florida.

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